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Micro fibre technology allows makeup to be removed with only water! It’s reusable, non-toxic, and GLOW Sponge replaces up to 500 makeup wipes.

GLOW Sponge gently removes impurities making it perfect for all skin types.

No harsh chemicals, just happy and healthy skin! The fibres of GLOW Sponge trap makeup, making removal super gentle and easy.

So many makeup wipes end up in our seas and oceans, putting wildlife at risk. GLOW Sponge can replace 500 makeup wipes, and withstand washing and repeated use!

Makeup wipes are out, The GLOW Sponge is in!

Directions for use:
Before using your GLOW Sponge for the first time, rinse thoroughly with warm water and a small amount of gentle soap or cleanser. When all of the soap or cleanser has been rinsed out, your GLOW sponge is good to go!
Just wipe the day away with only water (you can use cleanser with it if you like, we will leave it up to you!)
After use please rinse well with gentle soap, squeeze out any water, and hang or lay to dry!
We recommend machine washing your GLOW Sponge once a week.

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